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Green planet

Green Planet


Since 2012, the project Serena Village – Punta Cana has established a
policy for the environmental management of their operations.
This project has the environmental permits for the construction and
In this Environmental Management Plan, Serena Village – Punta Cana agreed to comply with a series of environmental management measures aimed to:

  • Mitigate the changes in the soil when preparing it for the constructive process of the urbanization.
  • Improve soil properties for the design of sustainable green areas, parks, and gardens.
  • Prevent soil contamination incidents
    during construction.
  • Mitigate the impacts that degrade air quality by dust and noise emissions
    during construction activities.
  • Promote the sustainable use of water resources.
  • Increase vegetation coverage.
  • Mitigate the effects on protected species.
  • Promote the conservation of the local fauna by improving the landscape,
    according to original forest area.
  • Promote and improve the use of local employment in construction projects and operations, in order to achieve a better approach.
    between the project and the community of Veron.
  • Use local and regional workforce.
  • Prevent the impacts that may occur in the movement of heavy machinery
    during construction activities.
  • Redirect the traffic to avoid any risk of accidents.
  • Prevent all sorts of occupational hazards.
  • Comply with environmental regulations of Air Quality and Emissions Control, Groundwater Quality, Control downloads, and all control
  • Environmental management of the disposal of solid waste.

The environmental performance is reported to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources semiannually; this Environmental Compliance is reviewed, evaluated and monitored by the Ministry of Quality. The delivery of these reports presenting environmental compliance of the project and the performance thereof, are essential conditions for the renewal of the environmental permit in 2015.


Serena Village is set in a semi-urban area where sub-tropical rainforests of special features still subsist, due to its rocky limestone terrain of high porosity and permeability. There are not many water bodies such as rivers or lakes in the area, and the main sources of water are mostly underground.

Great emphasis was placed in building green gardens; in order to support soil conservation and trees in the surroundings of the construction areas, and the use of native trees and shrubs that promote biodiversity throughout the complex.

Positive aspects of the project:

  • Conservation of existing Natural Forest.
  • Soil conservation and the original natural ground levels between buildings.
  • Maintenance of Natural Water Flow.
  • Using 70 % of native plants in the development area.
  • Using species that attract birds and insects to repopulate the green areas; not just plants, but increase animal and plant biodiversity
    of the area.
  • To reforest with 100% of existing native species the sides and back areas of the buildings.
  • Minimal use of lawn to promote biodiversity.
  • Construction of “Rain Gardens” or collectors runoff gardens that collect rainwater and send it to the subsoil where they are processed
    naturally,avoiding potentially harmful materials to the surrounding areas that could result in a overflow drag.
  • Water treatment as a resource rather than a waste.
  • Waste Management Plan when the project is operational. Repair, Reuse, Recycle.
  • Integrated Pest Control where prevention methods are used and only use adulticide in very specific cases and the use of products
    not harmful to the environment or to the people living in the project.
  • Constant monitoring of pests, both land as those affecting people living and working in Serena Village.


Serena Village – Punta Cana has a waste water collection system for the phases built to date, and a secondary treatment system of extended aeration activated sludge with a capacity of 105,000 GPD corresponding to half of the total development.

The treated waste-water is reused for irrigation of green areas and the excess is injected as groundwater recharge. The water management systems feature high efficiency equipment, and include inverters for each pumping system to optimize energy consumption.

Having a comprehensive system of collection and treatment of waste water contributes to our Green Planet. Recycling treated waste water eliminates the over exploitation of aquifers and the use of high efficiency equipment helps optimize and / or decrease electric power consumption.